Isekai:Slow Life

Isekai:Slow Life

By Mars Era Limited

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2023-08-14
  • Current Version: 1.22
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 1.04 GB
  • Developer: Mars Era Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 3.85548
From 1,204 Ratings


What the-? Been transported to ISEKAI and turned into an adorable walking mushroom?! In this wonderful new world, you will begin by managing and developing a small town while meeting and engaging with various types of beautiful and bizarre characters. Discover unknown lands with them as you wander at your leisure and enjoy the quiet life. -[Make a family in another world and enjoy a relaxing life] Explore fateful encounters with many different races: A gentle vampire nurse, an artistic octopus teacher, a cute siren “drinking companion”...... While away the sweet, relaxing days of ISEKAI life. -[Explore the continent of ISEKAI and form bonds with various companions] Bond with companions from all trades and walks of life: A cat-eared maid girl, a goblin merchant, a monster hunter... Each companion has their own unique skills and is ready to aid you in exploring the secrets of ISEKAI and building your village. -[Open stores and build a village] All kinds of trades and businesses can flourish in your village: A workshop, a potion store, a tavern, a school... Use your keen business skills to develop the economy of your village, step by step. Grab the opportunities that come your way, take care of the business owners who depend on you, and build the honor and reputation of your very own village. -[Join the Adventurer’s Guild to experience cooperation and challenge] Join a guild or create your own to wander the world of ISEKAI with other fellow adventurers. You could become fast friends, or opponents in heated combat. -[On the road to godhood, every road is meaningful] As your exploration of ISEKAI unfolds, your form and reputation will change and evolve, and before you know it, you won’t just be an ordinary mushroom anymore... The road ahead has many paths, each awaiting your discovery. Come join us on the road to ISEKAI and begin a new life full of challenges and fun! For more information about the game, follow us on: -Facebook:> -Discord: If you have any advice or feedback for our game, please send an email to: [email protected]



  • Great save but one issue

    By Coliña
    When you’re on the stages and challenge and defeat an enemy you can’t read what they did next… maybe make it to where you have to tap to continue also Gina is a mfin child she shouldn’t be a wife she should be your kid please change this pedophilic decision
  • Value bundles are rigged

    By P11224
    Bought a value pack that read 14.99 plus 1499 vip. But I was charged $107.49 for some items and 1499 vip points.
  • Game

    By dakota hatfield
    I didn’t really care for it
  • Happy_Trash_Fire

    By person_here_someday
    Good game But can you make a SFW version of the game where it’s basically the same thing just less NSFW Stuff I don’t really mind the NSFW stuff just would like a version to not see that other then that it’s a very good not laggy game it deserves 4 stars :3
  • Too much

    By Winxous
    There’s too much going on in this game. I don’t know what most of the items are for or understand how I’m supposed to play.
  • A good game with a big issue

    By Davtden
    To start, I downloaded the game to pass the time. So far it’s been fun. It has the usually scummy free mobile app micro-transactions, but honestly you can get really far into the game without them and they don’t really feel like a necessity, but there’s one egregious outlier. The VIP pass is another level of scummy. The VIP pass is a paid pass that gives you characters, which on the surface is kinda scummy but okay. You get a certain amount of free VIP experience per day, 20 to be exact. The thing is, at 20 XP per day, to reach VIP 6, it would take 20 years and some change. This is insanely scummy, and to pay to reach VIP 6 would be 1500$. Honestly, that’s my biggest issue with the game. If they added either new ways to get free VIP XP, increased the normal amount you get per day drastically, or reduced the cost, id easily give this game a 4.5 stars. However, because of this flaw, I can give it more than 3 stars.
  • Cross Dressing and Lesbianism

    By Samqqzz
    There is a male dressed in an erotic dancer outfit, basically a trap character. And after you get into the story, there’s a whole extended lesbian make out scene between an elf and a mantis girl, and it just goes on and on. Also, in spite of the advertising, there are borderline no male characters. At least no normal male characters. The game seems innocuous on its surface, but actually has several sexual themes and images that were not for me.
  • Scam

    By Braden Frantz
    Played for a few days, got up to level 12. I was enjoying the game, so I decided to buy some in game content. Wouldn't you know it, next time I launch the game my account doesn't exist. I know I had my game center linked. I signed back in, and it had me starting the game new and fresh, losing the content I paid for. What a terrible way to run a game.
  • I really like this game!

    By 3l305
    So far it is my favorite mobile game, i love the fact that there is quite a bit of free to play content, i love the character designs and i love how easy it is to progress! So far i’m the only f2p in the top 100 of my server but i feel really proud because i’ve spent quite a bit of time on it. There are some minor improvements to be made, such as maybe for free characters, seeing as not many people like myself can pay for the game! Along with maybe better romance pictures or an interactive romance event? Other than that, I can for sure say this game is my favorite. Theres no adds, no paywalls, and if you really enjoy the game you can make it somewhere!,,
  • Equal diversity

    By Makaykays
    I understand this game was intended for the male audience, or the transgender or asexual audience, etc., However, I would like to see more romantic partners for the women and more dialogue/choices with the other characters.